Accurate Estate Services LLC
By Adam Acey

Our Process

How We Do It

·         Part  1 – Consultation

o    I’ll meet you at the sale location and evaluate the feasibility of an estate sale.

o    We’ll walk through the house, evaluate the contents and I’ll answer any questions you have regarding the process.

o    We will discuss possible dates to have the sale.

·         Part 2 – Getting Ready

o    Provided you have chosen to hire A.E.S. I will meet with you to go over what specific services are to be provided.

o    I will provide a detailed contract and list out your responsibilities prior to the sale.

·         Part 3 – Setup

o    One or two weeks before the sale my team and I will arrive to set up tables and prepare items for the sale.

o    We will make sure the location is set up to provide the best shopping experience possible for sale attendees. This includes proper signage around the home, adequate lighting, security measures, and any necessary steps needed for your specific venue (such as carpet protection)

o    Extensive photography and well written descriptions of the sale items will be developed for use in the sales marketing efforts

·         Part 4 – Advertising

o    A.E.S. will utilize a variety of marketing channels to advertise your sale. A mix of on-line and traditional ads will be employed.


·         Part 5 – Sale Days

o    My staff and I will be onsite to provide a first-class shopping experience, and ensure your home and contents are treated respectfully.

o    A hold table, wrapping station, and shopping baskets will be provided to shoppers helping to move more items.

o    Every sale will be documented via duplicate sales receipt.


·         Part 6 – After the Sale

o    A.E.S. will provide and/or arrange any services outlined in the contract. I will make sure the house is restored to the agreed upon condition.

o    You will receive a detailed and accurate accounting of the sales proceeds and a check for your share within 1 week of the end of the sale.