Accurate Estate Services LLC
By Adam Acey


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


My first garage sale freaked out my mother. I had put together a few tables of stuff collected from around the farm and “consigned” from neighbors. I was 10 years old.

I put out some signs, and when the first customer came to the door asking about the “Big Sale” Mom said “What Sale?……. Adam!”

But I was hooked. That was 37 years ago, and I never stopped. I diverged. I became a mobile D.J. in middle school. Went to college and sold hi-end stereos. Started a career in radio and spent my 20’s as an on-air personality and promotions director in Lansing, Detroit and Ann Arbor. 20 years ago, I took a job as an advertising executive and through it all, never stopped buying and selling stuff.

When my department at the ad agency was “de-centralized”  I decided to focus on what I was meant to do.

A few years ago, my wife’s grandparents moved out of their home and needed the estate liquidated. I relished to opportunity to thoughtfully account for decades of accumulated “Stuff” and provide my family with a fair value for the homes contents, as well as a house ready for the next tenants.

More recently, my own grandmother moved from her home of 60+ years. This time we hired an estate sale company. They did a fine job, but I felt I could have done better. In fact, I continued the sale the following weekend and was able to liquidate a great deal of the additional merchandise.

So it’s official now. I have become Accurate Estate Services, LLC. You can count on my years of experience and attention to detail to allow me to provide the specific estate liquidation services you require.